Gift Baskets for the Plight of the Common Man

by : Brian Connors

Big business has its ruling empires that make competition against themselves utterly impossible. Many a family-owned enterprise has met its end due to the marketing and price advantages of the mega chain store operations. This cruel fact has been a part of life for some years but what does that have to do with gift baskets?

My wife, Dorothy, and I started an online business venture in 2003 in which we sell gift baskets. Our products are of top quality and priced about the same as our bigger and better funded rivals. This message is a plea to you, the consumer, to take action to consider the "little-guy" with your present and future gift basket purchases.

Please take a look at our website at A lot of hard work and expense was put into this effort. It was designed to be easy to look at and user-friendly for purchases. The selection is quite impressive as compared to the big boys. It's a rock solid enterprise with fair prices as compared to the best of them. Our customer service has made every effort to make our patrons happy. So what's our problem?

The word is profit. Do we make sales? Absolutely! We are most thankful for every customer that browses through and chooses to purchase one of our products over the competition. The gains made with our website sales, however, are quickly eaten up by marketing expenses.

Advertising online is necessary for survival. What costs are large from a family-owned business perspective are but petty cash and chump change from the corporate side of the table. Therein lies the problem with our website. The big guys can afford to make their websites much more visible. We cannot although our company is just as good or better than theirs.

I wish to appeal to the side of you that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit that challenges the status quo. We have tried to embody that mission to make it on our own but need a proverbial shot-in-the-arm from you who are the ultimate shopping decision makers. Please closely consider us for your needs of today. We ask that you also bookmark us for business in the future as well for both your personal and corporate gift basket needs.

Life presents us opportunities every so often to make a difference in the world. Please consider and speak out for the little guy that asks you for a favor in exchange for the best gift baskets around!