Deeper Down Deeper in Debt - Funerals

by : Kacy Carr

The last goodbye at a funeral leaves you reminiscing about the good times, also leaving a trail of fond memories of the dearly departed. But after a funeral you find that it can also leave a huge debt hanging over your head.

The cost to bury a loved one can run into the thousands for a decent burial? What is a decent burial? What is the difference between decent and not so decent? The mind boggles.

For that extra few bob does the coffin of the decent funeral have a more highly polished finish. Does the deceased have more words said at the service? Well let me tell you a little secret, blurred vision and bloodshot eyes from weeping hamper the congregation from noticing the casket/coffin.

Words spoken at the funeral mass are rarely heard because other thoughts overpower any emotional sentiments, and one being is the worry over how to pay the funeral costs.
This is not the day for extravagance; imagine going to watch a stage play but the curtains never open -so what is the point for all that expense beacuse like said earlier - people are to upset to notice..

Decent and the not so decent goodbye

Mourners are there to share in your sorrow not to pass judgment on how many brass handles surround the coffin or what hymns are sung.

With not knowing the mechanics behind a funeral many families find themselves in a financial situation where they are faced with the heartache of trying to make ends meet.

In their time of grief the best of everything is chosen for their dearly departed which comes at a price that seems affordable at the time, that is till reality sets in where the departed was the breadwinner.

Life insurance is a necessity while in the land of the living; it can help lighten the load for those left behind after a bereavement

Unfortunately we have all experienced a loss at some time in our lives but should you at this present time be going through the experience of losing someone you love, then why not call on a member of the family to act on your behalf in arranging the funeral? This will be less of a burden for you to cope with while you come to terms with the death

Consider cutting funeral costs by
Less brass/save cash
Have the service shortened.
Funeral cars settle for 1 the hearse.
A family get together at the house, no big wake.
A small posy says farewell just the same as any large expensive wreath.
It is how you say goodbye in silent thought that matters giving the dearly departed the best send off ever.