Network Marketing Must Evolve

by : cscarpero

The day has finally come! Network marketing online has kicked the bucket! The Internet, having gotten saturated with get rich quick ads, has drowned in its own filth.

There is a word for what MLMer's have spewed forth...the word is GARBAGE! And it's a mess cleaning it up, often requiring spam filters, ad-ware and spy-ware removers, and pop-up blockers.

Online marketing and MLM marketing specifically worked for a while, and we put up with it for a while longer. When the Internet was new, and everything about it was a novelty, we didn't care. We would not only read spam and the crazy claims, but actually get exited about buying from the money mongering website linked to it. It's a bit like never having watched would probably get mesmerized even by the commercials!

The thing about television commercials is they sponsor the REAL products which are shown. MLM spam on the other hand, doesn't support anything beyond the greed of the advertiser.

What we as network marketers can do about the problem?

If you are promoting your MLM online you can increase sales and start hauling in the extra cash! It's easy.

Why don't you just give people what they really want? At that point, you're no longer seen as a seller, but as a friend, a helper and someone that can be trusted.

The best way that this can be accomplished is by answering people's questions, as on forums, by leading groups on networking sites like Ryze and My Space, where "How To" explanations can be provided. Put forth real solutions to problems. Reveal news that is of interest to your market.

Once you start to freely provide people with information they become open to what you have to say, open to what you have to sell. Soon you will be back in business big-time.

So, summing it up, the first thing that you need is to provide reliable written content to your clients. This will jump-start your business and promote trust in both you and your business. Write articles that provide real value, make useful videos on You Tube or Google Video and make content oriented Podcasts. Make educational free reports and ebooks that provide real content.

Now, that you know the secret to actually being a trusted advisor instead of an MLM sleaze bag, you have no excuse to get out there and just do it!