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A lot of network marketing professionals ask me what my "trick" is for getting prospects to actually watch a DVD, listen to a CD or review some know, something that introduces the prospect to your MLM business. So often, these network marketing business materials get passed out, prospects say they'll review it and then you never hear from them again.

My experience is that you'll get better results in your MLM business if you use the right technique before you even give that prospect a DVD, CD or piece of literature.

This technique is called "Closing Your Prospect Into Action." The "close to action" step is part of a six-step formula I always use whenever I am prospecting for MLM business partners or people who could benefit from my products.

The "Inviting Formula" is taught in great detail in a CD set I authored called "Professional Inviter," but for reference in this article the Inviting Formula is:

Handle any Questions/Objections
Close to Action
Follow-up or Follow through

Don't confuse Close to Action with "closing techniques." This discussion is exclusively about closing people into action during the conversation when you first introduce your MLM business or product and ask them to take a look. Not, closing someone to buy something or closing someone to sign a distributor agreement. Although similar, that is not what I am discussing here.

Pretend...or envision that you call a prospect and greet them with a fun hello and several other niceties - she in turn asks how you're doing - so there's a nice exchange between the two of you. You ask how her job is going and she says, "Oh...okay I guess."

You: You don't sound very enthused about it - is something not right?

Her: Well, I'm just tired of the same old grind. Day-in, day-out. I just really thought I'd be in a different place in my life by now.

You: I know how you feel. Where did you think you would be by now?

Her: Well - I certainly didn't think I would spend my life working like a dog just trying to cover bills - I didn't think I would marry the man of my dreams only to have us wave bye to each other every morning and rarely see him - just everything is a struggle; you know what I mean?

You: I absolutely know what you mean. Have you thought of doing something else? Do you see this changing anytime soon?

Her: Yeah, I've thought about it...but jeez, we're just so invested in our careers - I feel trapped!

You: Jenny, you and I are very similar. What you've said about you're not where you wanted to be - I can so relate to. I think you would benefit from seeing a DVD that is purely educational. If I order this for you - will you watch it?

Her: Yeah - what's it about?

You: It's about what we've been talking about! It's about not working like a dog and spending time with the man of your dreams! I'll see to it that you get the DVD in the next 24 hours - you watch it - then you and I will talk about it. I want to help you solve this trapped feeling! Deal?

Her: Deal!

You: Alright, I'll overnight this to you. You will get it tomorrow - Tuesday. You watch it and let's talk Wednesday about 11 am - does that work for you?

Her: That works - thanks!

POINT ONE is the Close.

What you're doing in the Close is "concluding" the conversation. Caution! Don't jump ahead of yourself and give your prospect ALL of the great details about your network marketing company at this point. I've only found this distracts MLM prospects and creates objections for them.

POINT TWO is the Action part.

What you're doing in the Action is creating agreeable steps to help the prospect get what they've stated they need, want or don't want as it pertains to your network marketing business.

Jenny very clearly stated that she didn't want to "work like a dog." She wants to spend time with the man of her dreams and she doesn't like feeling trapped. You smartly gathered this valuable information because you followed the Inviting Formula and very effectively executed the Qualify step. You didn't prematurely blurt out a solution when she first said her job was, "Oh...okay I guess." You used her exact words in the Invite and Close to action steps. It was like "magic."

When these steps are executed EXACTLY as I've described you will not have or will very rarely have, "I didn't watch it." As a result, more prospects will be evaluating your MLM business and if your business is what they're looking for...well, you've just found yourself a new network marketing business partner.