How to Start a Network Marketing Business

by : s7629808d

Network Marketing is a great business and there are a few ways to go about achieving success and creating for oneself a 5 digit monthly income figure with this business model!

The 1st way to start is by using the Traditional Network Marketing business model.

These are some considerations when joining a Traditional Network Marketing company.

There are many Network Marketing companies that sell nutritional products. Do some research by finding out if the business has a history of at least 3 to 5 years. The last thing you would want happen to you would be to build a down line, and have the company close.

The products offered should be something you would want to buy, even without the duplication system. Consider if the duplication system is something that draws on your strengths. In all old school network marketing company's, the leaders are often good speakers, or they are recruiters with a large social circle. The usual way of prospecting is by a 3 way system. To elaborate further, this system is referred by a few names, one such referral is the ABC or Advisor, Bridge and Customer system.

To be an Advisor, you will need to be able to have good oratorical skills. To be the Bridge, you will be a traffic middleman, introducing your large pool of contacts to the Advisor. The customer is the prospect. The advisor and bridge work together to bring new enrollees into the system. Should persuading people verbally and inviting contacts to events come naturally and you feel good the benefits your company and products can bring to your prospects, then this is one route you can take.

Take into consideration locating a sponsor that has a track record and can mentor you for success. The sponsor would have taken the same route and can understand, help overcome the learning curve. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that single step would be so much the easier to have a guide to pave the way.

The 2nd way to start a Network Marketing Business utilizes the internet.

The main difference lies in the duplication system. Instead of following up with invites, and calling, leads are qualified using sales ads and email marketing. Prospects fill up a form expressing their interest and upon receipt of a link in the email, will click that link to confirm the email is valid. Messages will be sent to the prospect educating them about the automated internet MLM system and how to market it online. New enrollees then join the business by clicking on links that lead them to payment processing pages where they pay by credit card. Upon joining, they will proceed to market the same system which brought them in.

The benefits to such a system removes the element of cold calling and speaking to strangers, untargeted prospects. Rather then teach someone who has not put down any commitment to work a business; it's more fruitful to spend one's energy working with a prospect qualified by the automated system. Some people who do not find success in the 1st business model have found it in the 2nd.