Signs of a Cheating Wife - Theyll be There if Shes Straying!

by : John Mann

Signs of a Cheating Wife
There are a lot of different signs that will become 'visible' if your wife is cheating on you. Not all will need be present, mind you, but a number of these clues are gonna be there.

I'm a 56 year old guy and
My Wife Cheated on Me

I can tell you from experience that the signs are going to be there if your wife is cheating on you. The problem is;

  • If you are still in love with her, you just won't want to see them.
  • You're might possibly be blinded by your feelings for her and be in a state of denial that you'll remain in until the evidence is just too great to ignore.
  • You are not paranoid just because something feels wrong. Remember, more spouse are cheating these days than ever before. People do stray ... unfortunately, it can happen to you.


How to Tell if Your Wife Has Cheated
If you feel suspicious you absolutely must make yourself open your eyes and look at what's really happening.

  • 1) Does she seem to be more and more secretive?
    Maybe she isn't sharing the details of her daily life with you anymore because she's got something to hide.
  • 2) Does she hookup with her friends more often?
    This could be her covering up for the time she is spending with that new someone who might be in her life.
  • 3) Does she seem to need you less?
    Maybe she doesn't want your help or input like she used to because someone else is giving her a shoulder to lean on.
  • 4) Is she dressing nicer?
    Maybe she wants to look better for her new companion who just might be showing her more appreciation than you are.
  • 5) Is she being nicer to you?
    But in a way that seems out of character or rehearsed? She could quite possibly be feeling guilty and covering it up with a 'veneer of nice' towards you.
  • 6) Does she receive a lot of cell phone calls
    Especially those that she takes in another room to avoid having you listening in? This could definitely be a sign that 'something's up.'

Any or all of these signs could be present in a solid relationship where everything is perfect ... but more likely is, if a number of these clues are there, the situation merits looking into. Remember, she really could be cheating on you.

I need to stress this fact again. You'll want to make certain that your frame of mind is one where you can and will face the reality of the matter and be willing to acknowledge that your wife is straying. If you won't do this, all of the clues I've listed won't help you a bit.

You must be able to realize 'it is what it is' if you find too many signs of a cheating wife. My wife cheated on me, and I ignored all the signs for over 1 year. Dont let this happen to you.