A Dollhouse Christmas you Can Create

by : Veronica Scott

As you decorate and prepare your own home for the holiday season, don't forget about the miniature home that you have displayed as well. There are a number of fun and creative options available to you as you think about ways to drape the holiday spirit over your miniature dollhouse and its exterior display.

Every Christmas needs a tree, and your dollhouse is no different. You can create a miniature Christmas tree in your dollhouse parlor or living room. Many manufacturers offer conifer trees that would be used to landscape the exterior of your dollhouse, but you can certainly use these trees indoors as well. You can buy a miniature Christmas tree that comes already decorated for the festivities, or you can rise to the challenge of crafting a miniature Christmas tree yourself. Add decorations that resemble your own tree to bring your holiday spirit into your dollhouse.

Another way to get your dollhouse ready to celebrate the holidays is to create and then place, some packages to put underneath the tree. Additional decorating ideas include running some garland down a staircase banister and hanging greenery throughout the dollhouse. Any miniature decorations of Santa or other Christmas themes will also enhance the Christmas feel of your miniature house.

There are also many holiday decorating ideas that involve the outside of your dollhouse. Consider stringing some miniature lights around the eaves of the house and around the doorways. If you enjoy detail work, then you will really enjoy making a small wreath to hang on the front door of your dollhouse. It creates an even more dramatic effect if you can work some lights into the wreath. Also, when thinking about the exterior landscape, don't forget about the aesthetic value of artificial snow. The addition of snow will complete the transformation of your traditional dollhouse into a winter wonderland.

Another idea that can be fun is to bring your miniature people outdoors. Dress them warmly in tiny clothes and add scarves, and then have them playing in the snow or trying their hand at sledding. Think of the things a typical family would do during the holiday seasons and replicate that on a smaller scale. Remember that any creative idea you try will add to the holiday warmth and bring an air of a dollhouse Christmas to your scene, both indoors and out.