Helpful Christmas Decorating Ideas

by : Morgan Hamilton

There is a fine line between festive and flashy and I have always tried to give my best not to cross it. Thus, I have used for my Christmas decorations natural items and lights. I am a candle light lover so I wanted to use it outdoors but I didn't know how. My older sister helped me by giving me the idea to use ice globes in my yard, just as the people in 1970s did because of the energy crisis.

Making the globe is not a difficult task - all you have to do is fill balloons with water and put them in your freezer. The balloons freeze from the outside in. It is important to regularly check that they do not freeze all the way through. After you see there is ice around the inside of the balloon you should pop it and drain the water out of the centre of the balloon. You might have to chop a hole in the top in some cases.

This is the process that gives you ice globes. You can get different sizes of globes if you use different sizes of balloons. I personally tried something else, as well - I used rings from canning jars to make base to stand the globes on. Then you have to place a candle in each ice globe and that's how you realize one of the greatest Christmas decorating ideas. As we live in a cold climate, I put many globes in the yard on our steps and line our driveway. The candles are easily lit and the globe protects them from going out.

Another Christmas decorating idea I has was to create ice sculptures in the front yard which I made by several sizes of globes. I decorate the house inside with the help of evergreens and ribbons. Traditional glass ornaments for decorating the mantel and the table tops are also used. What I really like about evergreens is that they stay fresh for a few weeks and after the season is over I can easily burn them in the fire place. As far as the bulbs and ribbons are concerned, after the Christmas season is gone I store them in flat boxes. It is important to know that the best Christmas ideas do not necessarily mean a great deal of money or storage of items.

You can enlighten your Christmas by following some of my Christmas decorating ideas by using the natural evergreens and ice; you won't have any storage issues with them and they won't cost you much. Of course, you don't have to settle for the same Christmas decorations each year. You can make the ice globes in different shapes and you can buy new bulbs and ribbons in different colours which are quite cheap. Last Christmas I even used some popcorn and cranberry strands instead of the traditional ribbons. After the season was over I placed the strand in the trees outside so that the birds could enjoy. In conclusion, stylish and smart Christmas decorating ideas don't have to be expensive; you can use simple things to make your Christmas unforgettable.