Divorce to Remarriage: This is a Must for a Happy Remarriage!

by : Alyssa Johnson

Moving on from a divorce is a tumultuous time. Once you've broken free from the emotions of the divorce and found a new relationship, it's time to re-think your views on relationships. But how do you do this with all of the other things that need your attention?

The answer lies in the simple truth of time. Not just "quality time", but also in the quantity of time you invest. Why do you think it is important to carve out a quantity of time, rather than just to focus on quality time? All of us got tricked a few years back when the whole "quality time" craze hit. We were deceived into thinking that as long as the time spent was good, it didn't matter how much of it occurred. Well let me tell you, that just doesn't work! You need both.

The quantity of time you spend together needs to be an amount that both members of the couple are comfortable with. Typically, women require more time with their partners than men do, but not always! It's very important that both of you honestly communicate how much time you need. Our individual requirements may vary from time to time as well, depending on what's going on in our lives at the time.

If you catch yourself, assuming the worst about your partner, resenting other activities they are involved in or being grumpier than usual toward your partner:

Odds are your quantity of time need isn't being met. Be sure to share that with your partner in a loving way. Don't complain about the other things they do, but instead focus on what your needs are. It's real easy to blow off, "You never make time for me! You're always doing ______!" Saying "I'm finding myself really missing you, and wonder how we can change things a little so we can have more time together" is a much better approach.

Now let's take a look at the quality time issue. Just because you spend a lot of time together, doesn't mean you feel close. Sitting on a couch watching 2 hours of TV together doesn't necessarily increase your intimacy. Think about things that your partner has done for you in the past that really meant a lot to you. I don't mean the $100 dollar meal and diamonds afterward, or the surprise tickets to your favorite team's game. Don't overlook the everyday things:

Sending e-mails in the middle of the day to say "hi."

That little note you find laying around the house

Cooking a meal together

Those are the little quiet moments that draw couples closer together and create a history all their own. Again, I caution you to be careful in discussing this with your partner. Focus on your needs again, don't just point out what they aren't doing. Remember the point of all of this is to draw you closer to your partner and continue strengthening your relationship. You will only make your marriage stronger if you can get into these patterns now - before the wedding. Remember, once the "I Do's" occur, it's not just the two of you and your relationship you'll be juggling. You'll have an entire step family filled with kids, everyday responsibilities, and ex's that will be pulling you in different directions. If you don't have these important relationship skills in place beforehand, you'll just be adding another stressor into the pot.