A Guide to Celebrating the 10th Wedding Anniversary

by : Bennetta Elliott

Traditionally, wedding anniversaries under the 20 year mark are usually acknowledged only by the couple themselves, however, today it's not unusual for gatherings and celebrations to take place as early as the fifth year. The tenth year of marriage marks the first full decade of life spent together, and many couples are choosing to mark the occasion with an anniversary party, while others prefer to acknowledge the day with their own private celebration. Either way, ten years of marriage is indeed something special to celebrate!

Celebrating Your 10th Anniversary Together

The actual time of year when your anniversary occurs will have a lot to do with your plans, as it's certainly much easier to plan a picnic or outdoor adventure in warmer weather, unless, of course, you're planning to celebrate skiing down a mountain or doing some other type of winter fun.

For a quiet, romantic night at home or away in a cozy cabin, first do a bit of research online to find out what the best movies were the year you got married, then rent a few, pop some popcorn, snuggle up and enjoy the evening. Likewise, you could either make your own or purchase a CD compilation of the top songs from the year and dance the night away together.

Since daffodils are the flowers associated with this anniversary, plan a completely daffodil-themed day, which won't be difficult to do as a quick search online offers countless choices for gifts, party supplies, trinkets, jewelry, and many other types of daffodil fare.

Visit the place you met and take a long, thoughtful walk down memory lane, remembering how it felt getting to know one another, falling in love, getting married, and enjoying the last ten years of your lives. As long as the two of you are together, it doesn't matter quite as much what you actually do, or where you go, reveling in the day is often all really you need.

Renewing Vows on Your Ten Year Anniversary

Renewing your wedding vows is an excellent way of celebrating any anniversary, especially if you are now able to have a different type of wedding, or have the honeymoon you've always wanted, but never had. Some couples choose to write their own vows, a sentimental few words expressing their love for one another, while others prefer to stick with traditional vows, or a shortened version thereof.

In general, vow renewal ceremonies are usually done further down the road after the 20th or other "milestone" anniversary. However, it's really a matter of personal preference and many couples do choose to mark their 10th year by exchanging vows again, either privately, or with their first bridal party present amongst family and friends. Some choose to have an intimate gathering, while others opt for a full blown gala complete with decorations, food, drinks, music, and plenty of laughter and memories.

Gift Ideas

Here are some theme ideas for celebrating a ten year anniversary:

- 10th Anniversary Color: Blue or silver

- 10th Anniversary Flower: Daffodils to symbolize cheerfulness, happiness, and joy

- 10th Anniversary Gemstones: Diamonds, blue sapphire

- 10th Anniversary Gift (Modern/Contemporary): Diamonds, diamond jewelry

- 10th Anniversary Gift (Traditional): Tin or aluminum to symbolize flexibility and malleability

Gifts could include any decorative item made from tin or aluminum, which would stand for the durability of the relationship, paying tribute to successfully withstanding the first ten years of marriage. Personalized items abound made from both tin and aluminum including paper weights, decorative wall scones and candle holders, or anything related to the daffodil. A simple picture of the daffodil in a tin frame would be the perfect 10th wedding anniversary gift.

As for gifts for each other, couples could choose from any number of dazzling pieces of blue sapphire or diamond jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rings.

A 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Party

When hosting or planning a 10 year anniversary party, keep in mind the previous symbols and colors when choosing the decorations and invitations.

Daffodils could be easily incorporated into the theme of the party, and while you may have trouble finding some that are reasonably priced if they're out of season in your area, craft stores are filled with realistic looking faux flowers and with a bit of imagination and creativity, the possibilities are endless to create many beautiful decorations. The colors silver and blue combine together wonderfully and represent the gemstones associated with the ten year anniversary; diamonds and blue sapphires, symbolizing durability and strength.

Some couples may feel uncomfortable at the thought of receiving gifts for their anniversary, if this is the case, simply request on the invitation that no gifts be given, and that all of the guests simply sharing in your special day is all the gift you need.

Another great idea is to request that in lieu of gifts and presents for the couple, guests should make a donation to a certain charity, or a specific one of their choice. This allows couples to celebrate their good fortune on their anniversary by spreading the love and wealth with others.