Gift Baskets for Weddings and Anniversaries

by : Brian Walker

For events that we want to mark with something special, A gift basket could be the perfect gift to highlight such a joyful occasion.

Weddings are a good example. Few events in life are as filled with hope and promise as a wedding. But few call for such an extensive array of gift giving ideas. A wedding gift basket can embrace a wide variety of heart warming or entertaining options.

Wine is a popular choice. Both bridesmaids and grooms appreciate the thoughtful basket full of delicious vineyard selections. But anyone else involved in planning or carrying out the wedding can equally enjoy a fine vintage. For those with the desire and the budget, especially when the guest list is small, a gift basket for everyone who attends can be the perfect 'Thank You' gesture for those who share the day's joy.

Flowers, chocolates and small items of jewelry are some more highly popular choices. Be sure to select something that will last from the time the gift basket is purchased to the day it's given. Flowers can be preserved, chocolates will last a year if stored right. Jewelry is the gift of a lifetime.

Anniversaries are a great time to accomplish multiple purposes with a gift basket. They can serve as a reminder of that joyous wedding and can mark the occasion with a fresh gift. And, they have another advantage. Since tradition specifies the type of anniversary by year - paper, silver, and so forth - you can tailor a gift basket to match the year.

Paper as a gift may sound mundane to some ears. But think of the possibilities. Miniature scrolls may have a poem marking the day with inspiring words. Origami can be shaped to remind a couple of that unforgettable honeymoon. A decorative design can turn a small piece of wrapping paper into a work of art.

A gift basket designed for a golden wedding anniversary can be the highlight of the celebration. Gifts range from an outstanding pin to a lovely pair of earrings to an "I'd do it all over again" wedding band. The jewelry can be surrounded with items that emphasize the theme. Small photos of memorable events can be packed in with crushed flowers from that 25th anniversary dance. Soapstone boxes can be inscribed with a special quote that is meaningful to the married couple.

Birthdays, promotionsFeature Articles, even a new home purchase for a young couple starting out can be the occasion for a gift basket. People are endlessly creative at devising a reason to celebrate a special day. A gift basket is the perfect partner for those events. They help bring those tender memories to the forefront. They serve as a symbol and reminder of good times.