McCulloch Chainsaws

by : Dean Caporella

Shopping for chainsaws when you're a complete novice to the game is like wading through a sea of possibilities. Stihl and Husqvarna naturally head the brand wish list for many new buyers but don't limit yourself to these two giants of the industry.McCulloch doesn't get the same fanfare as the major brands but you need to consider them when shopping for chainsaws.Let's assume you're completely new to buying a chainsaw and are not sure what you really need. Most newcomers to the saw market will be homeowners who need something with a little power and stamina to handle the odd cutting job around the home.First piece of advice is...don't over capitalize. Pick a machine which won't put a dent in your pocket but has all the ingredients of being a stayer within your tool shed. That is, it must go the distance and not be ready for the scrap heap within a year or two.McCulloch has a couple of lightweight chainsaws worth considering if you're just looking for light home use.McCulloch 1435A Trim SawRelatively new to the market, this machine is ideal for homeowners. You'll solve the problem of spending too much on a saw which will only get limited use yet you'll find it can handle some pretty tough jobs without too many problems.Safety is another issue newcomers to the chainsaw market need to consider and the 1435A has some solid safety features including a kick back sprocket nose guide bar and a strong anti-vibration system. It will set you back about $150 and will be money well spent.Electric ChainsawsThe ideal situation would be to have both a gas-powered and electric chainsaw in the tool shed however, it's not completely necessary when starting out. It may be something you could consider a little later on.Should you consider electric over gas-powered? This is an old argument which could be debated ad infinitum and the short answer is, if you don't mind a cord attached to your machine then buy electric.McCulloch's MCC 3516 electric chainsaw is good value for around 80 bucks. Easy to start and lightweight, it will handle many of the jobs that need doing around the home.Portability is an issue that comes up when comparing gas and electric and yes, the gas models have the edge here over their electric cousins but as a home owner, you also need to consider the neighbors and the noise issues that accompany gas chainsaws.