Do You Want A Male Or A Female German Shepherd?

by : Sonjahelga

Are you looking to get a new German shepherd? A puppy, or adopted dog? Are you wondering if it is better to get a male or a female dog? Well, according to the professionals, both are equally wonderful choices. Neither is better than the other. They do have certain attributes that are gender related though. German shepherds regardless of male or female are very loyal, willing to be trained, and, they make great family pets. And, even though German shepherds are great "guard" dogs, they are not of an aggressive nature. But, there are still differences between the two.

The male dog is usually stronger, and bigger in structure, more masculine. This means he will be looking a bit more intimidating than its female counterpart. A mature male Shepherd can easily outweigh a female by as much as 30 pounds. And, 30 pounds on a dog is a lot of structure. A male dog may be a little harder to handle, although, again, if trained properly will be a worthy addition to your family.

Male dogs can be more protective and more territorial than a female. They will do what all male dogs do, mark their territory and this could also be an issue, depending on the family home grounds. Female German shepherds can be more protective of their families. This could make them jealous of other pets in the household, especially of a relationship between you and the other pets. That is why; training your dog is of top priority.

Female German shepherds will be a little more streamlined, more feminine. This becomes quite noticeable. Actually, this difference is very noticeable even from a distance. So if the look of your shepherd in that way makes a difference to you, then yes, you may want to gender pick your new dog.

If you do not use your dog for breeding it should be neutered, for its sake and your sake. Neutered dogs are easier to handle, and have less problems connected to their gender. Male dogs are very difficult to handle when on the trail of a dog in heat. And, a dog in heat comes with its own problems of messiness, moodiness and other dogs hanging around. Neutering is best if your dog will be a family pet only.

What gender you get, doesn't really matter in the long run as long as you are ready and willing to train your dog. An untrained unmanageable German shepherd can actually be a dangerous animal. Even if not aggressive, these dogs are very strong, and they can hurt someone by their sheer strength alone.

If you are adopting, which I pray you do, then you may not have a choice. But, on the other hand, you will get the dog of your heart.