Beauty And Women

by : Yva Lauten

Human nature is endowed with extraordinary ability to see, understand and appreciate beauty. Be it the beauty in art, nature or the human body. Many will agree that the concept of beauty is applicable in fashion too, in which women play an important role. People's sense of beauty differs, which creates the plethora of styles and tastes as well as the ability to choose from it, picking out what best reflects our personality.

I often observe young girls in the street. Their outfits reveal the importance fashion plays in their lives. If this autumn short skirts are in, they're in. We'll see girls wearing skirts that hardly cover their bums and uncover their slender or plump legs to the judgment of the passers by. The danger of catching cold in winter is the last thing they worry about! Let alone the belly buttons and slim waists unveiled in autumn and winter, which can result in kidney and bladder diseases. This is how young girls affected by the fashion cult sacrifice their health and turn into a flock of locked up canaries, all looking the same. No sign of individuality! However, the syndrome of assimilation is not the worst.

The tall, slender teenager still rules the contemporary fashion world and the whole of the fashion industry is dedicated to her. I often read the magazine People. There's hardly any edition without a photograph of Nicole Richie, who is the beauty ideal for many teenage girls. Again, people have different tastes. I see a sad, exhausted woman on the brink of dystrophy. This is the result of the fashion cult. In their search for perfection, often already slim women try to bring their weight even lower by going to the gym, dieting and taking respective medication. You see, you're only charming and pretty, if you fit into size S clothes, which assures the access to the category of beautiful people, even if it comes at the price of your health.

Human body structure is determined by numerous factors such as genetic sequence, life style, diet and personality. The body changes with age too. There are many adult women of normal size. Sadly, there are a lot fewer designers who are interested in their needs. Is it true that all these women can do in a fashionable clothes shop is get disappointed. The skirt or jacket they really like is always too small. The advantage of an adult woman is that she soon realises that it is not her size that's out of standard, but rather the sizes of the clothes. Thus, she will look for solutions at the designer shops that offer original clothes of all sizes rather than trouble themselves with diets in order to fit into size L clothes that she wore ten years ago!

I always admire girls wearing several layers of clothes with lank laps. They are often art students or simply creative personalities. It is a welcome choice, as they at least look original. Their clothes are often self-made; they are usually wearing simple, hand made but innovative accessories that could make many jewellery designers jealous. This is the phase of the creative quest for identity that helps develop a subtle style. Surely, women and girls belonging to this category do not necessarily meet the contemporary fashion standards. They are inventive, stylish and elegant people who in their own search for perfection and beauty ideal have learnt to respect their body and their confidence surpasses the often false charms of fashion.