Resume SoftwareThe Hidden Pitfalls

by : Roger Clark

Disadvantages of Resume Software

A large majority of software requires the use of their format; most commonly using the chronological resume style. While the chronological style is certainly the most traditional manner to write a resume, it is not always advantageous for everyone. The chronological style resume focuses on work history. Individuals who are changing jobs may prefer to emphasize their skills instead, which a chronological resume format will not allow.

Limited Options

Resume software provides limited options and does not allow the user the freedom to express their own unique style and personality. This can be critical in today's competitive job market. Job seekers need every edge available to them when submitting their resumes with hundreds of similar resumes.

Personal Copy

Some software will not allow the user the option of saving their work and using it again, particularly if it is one of the free resume on-line varieties. This creates a situation where the user does not possess a copy of their resume; a real disadvantage.

Resumes produced with resume software often appear exactly as they are: canned. There is no originality, which can leave the employer uninspired when they read the resume; a situation that should be avoided at all costs. The prospective job seeker's goal is to excite the employer enough that they put the resume down and call the applicant immediately for an interview.


Additionally, in today's world of the computer virus and hackers, the wise job seeker must also consider the issue of privacy. When using a free resume on-line; especially if the site hosting the resume software offers to promote the resume for the job seeker, the possibility of someone obtaining private information and using it in an underhanded manner must be considered.

Resume software can be very beneficial; however it can also be detrimental

It is up to the job seeker to seriously weigh the advantages and disadvantages.