Buy and Sell Downlines

by : Daegan Smith

Why Buy Downlines?There are various reasons why a person would choose to buy downlines. The most obvious of all reasons would be a desire to take a shortcut to multi-level marketing success. Instead of spending time, money, and effort on recruiting people to make your downline, you can simply pay a certain amount to an old and existing member in the company in exchange for his downline. With just one transaction, you can immediately enjoy top level in the network marketing tree.People who commonly purchase downlines are those just starting out in network marketing and those wishing to quickly expand their network.Why Sell Downlines?People who decide to sell downlines donít necessarily mean that theyíre jumping off the boat right before it sinks. Sometimes, a sudden need for a huge amount of cash could warrant selling off their assets, which include their downlines of course. Others may simply have lost interest in their multilevel marketing business, having found another calling in life, and thatís why they wish to completely dispose of it.Tips for Selling DownlinesIf you are going to sell your downline, here are a few reminders to ensure that you obtain a safe and profitable exchange for them.Make a study to obtain a fairly accurate estimate of the value of your downline. Consider how much time, money, and effort youíve invested in it and determine the monetary equivalent for it. Consider as well the growth potential of your downline and the network marketing company itself. Lastly, find out whatís the industry standard for the type of downline youíre planning to sell.Once youíve got the correct figure in mind, the next thing you should do is prepare a marketing sheet for it and which you can present to potential buyers. This is where you expound on the benefits of purchasing downlines in general and why they should go for your downlines in particular.Start advertising about your downlines. You can also hire a middleman to take care of finding and screening potential buyers for you. Of course, youíd have to make sure first that youíre working with someone trustworthy and you can afford his going rate.Once youíve found your preferred buyer, make sure that everything is put in writing and that youíve confirmed receipt of payment before handing over your downline.?Tips for Buying DownlinesThe process of ensuring a safe exchange for buying downlines is similar to selling them off. Again, you should start out by making a study and determining what a fair price for the kind of downlines youíre after is. You can also use a middleman, but you should once more make sure that youíre dealing with a trustworthy individual.In buying and selling downlines, make sure that all the necessary documents for the transaction are complete and verified by the courts. Because of the high profit potential in network marketing, the number of con artists in this industry is high so taking extra precautions wouldnít hurt. Last but not the leastArticle Submission, donít hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau if you have any suspicions about the person youíre dealing with.