Bad Credit Loans-helping to Overcome Financial Troubles

by : Aisha Cristal

It is very essential to understand the procedure of personal loans. It is very different from a home loan or a car debt; a personal loan is mostly unsecured in nature, which means there is no security from the borrower. Such loans are risky for the lender or any loaning institution. For qualifying for bad credit type of loans, it is mandatory to fill several documents and loan applications. Your full correct name, social status, bank details, monthly income, and other financial information are some of the particulars for a personal loan application.

A loan officer always checks your credit standings, even if you have bad credit ratings. Some bad credit loans are limited in nature; the lender may offer you no more than $1,500. Credit rating is given by credit bureaus. For this, our credit information of the past is mathematically compared with that of others to assess our credit behavior in the future.

Accordingly a score, called the FICO score or more commonly the credit rating is given to us. This score usually ranges from 300 to 850. Payment history is given the maximum importance, about 35%, in determining credit score. Other factors are debt load, credit available, past credit type utility and latest credit activity. Bad credit loans are our only saviours if our credit rating is poor. We can take help of mortgage brokers for finding sub prime lenders who specialise in bad credit loans.

Lenders analyse our credit report, debt load, and employment history and credit score. Depending on this information, lenders will suggest us prospective loan options available at our hand. A bad credit loan has a high rate of interest if no security is provided. Hence, homeowners have a better chance of getting a fair deal.

A loan for tenant with bad credit generally has high interest rates, as the lender's risk is high. It also depends on the net income of the borrower on a monthly and yearly basis, monthly expenses, employment and residence changes and debt load. Tenants also need to provide identity proof, recent pay slip and bank statement after their loan approval. No property evaluation is required and hence the process is quick. As these loans are of unsecured type, interest rates are also high with repayment period of about 3-25 years depending on your furnished information.

It is found that about 30% households are not owned but tenanted which can be in the form of private, council or social housing tenancy. Hence it is not extremely difficult anymore to find bad credit loans for tenants. Instead of making a number of haphazard applications, online brokers can be consulted to find the best deal suiting our circumstances. All loan applications made by us and their results affect our credit rating. Hence it's better to take the planned route as our rating is already damaged.