Credit Card Debt Reduction - Tips to Prune Repayments

by : Kara Wade

Most of the people incur huge debts because of credit cards as these frequently used cards carry very high interest rates and penalties also once you are late on the payments. Therefore, becomes inevitable after few months of uncontrolled shopping habits. However, you need to take some aspects of getting rid of the old payments before you finally go for it.

First step towards pruning the debts is to stop using most of the credit cards for shopping purpose. This measure will ensure saving of money for making the payments. Try to make cash payments for most of the purchases.

After you have ensured saving of the money, you should know about the option in credit card debt reduction. One usual way is to open a new credit card at zero or low interest rate for certain period of say one year for transferring the balance amounts into it. Clearly, you will save interest payments for a certain period. But you must also know the fee or penalties on getting rid of old payments to the creditors.

Another option is to take out a personal loan to immediately pay off old debts. Then you will be making low monthly payments to the new lender, as the loan comes at lower rate of interest as compared to very high rates on credit cards.

You can also take services of some professional companies, who can negotiate with your creditors for reduction of interest rate on the old debts. They will also make a affordable repayment plan that will allow you to repay with ease. The creditors usually agree to the plan and prune the rates. Thus your monthly outgoing is lowered to larger extent. Then, instead of paying to the creditors, yon can make them the repayments through the company, who will accept low monthly payments from you to disburse it to your creditors.

Whichever option you pick up for credit card debt reduction, make sure that you stick with the repayment schedule to avoid falling into another trap.