Debt Free Life No More an Illusion

by : Gracy Bonsu

Increasing debt burden among the Britons has shocked snaring sensibility of the UK money market. In a bleak warning, some of them are forced to keep working possibly to repay higher interest credit card borrowings, overdrafts, unsecured loans and personal loans. A recent survey shows that the number of people unable to repay their debts hit a record high in 2007 as over 100,000 people found themselves helpless. Taking the note of people's struggle to make ends meet, and rising financial stresses, debt help has been configured by the major lending authorities. This help has increased the hope of the people in acute financial distress.

While Under mountain of debt burden, declaring bankruptcy is regarded as a major and easier step. It is often accorded as a last resort taken by people who can no longer repay their debts. All it means that you are likely to lose all your creditworthiness and can not have any fresh loan for next couple of years.

Individual voluntary arrangements are another form of insolvency and the debt management services include them. The numbers of IVAs have grown so much in the last 5 years, that they are approaching at par with bankruptcies. However, it is not an easy affair for the borrowers. It can affect your credit score for six years, and may make it hard to gain good credit in the future.

Apart from the above two, you can have other measures under the debt management servicesto counter debt load. The third measure is the financial stress. It is a parameter used by the credit rating agency to define individual's potential to become over-stretched and struggle with further payments. Last and not least is debt consolidation and the debt management services rely heavily on this process. Consolidation loans mean you borrow more money over a longer period at a cheap rate of interest. With this loan plan, you will have to write off a cheque per month to your debt management agency. Then the agency distributes the amount amongst the lenders you owed the money previously. In doing so, you do not have to pay different and increased interest to the different lenders. An easy single monthly repayment plan is designed for you and it helps yo to lead a debt free life.

For all that, you need to get in touch with the agencies providing debt management services straight away and explain your problem. Reveal your current situation in writing and back it up with a detailed personal budget(income and expenditure). It shows an overview about how much you can afford to pay to get rid of the debt trap. The expert will then have the suitable plan for you according to your financial and personal situation.