Debt Management Plan: a Necessary Tool to Manage Unpaid Debts

by : Gracy Bonsu

It might be the situation that you sift through your stack of credit cards and wonder you have so many. It is a common scenario in the UK as per head credit card count is now 2.9. Many people do not know that desperate use of plastic money affects credit score and financial health. Excessive dependence on credit cards and unplanned spending habits always lead people to unbearable debt stress.

It is a fact that making decision to get out of debt and coming out of it are two different things. You have to tap all the resources to overcome the debt stress. From layman's point of view, there are two major ways to get more money to pay off your debts. The first one is to decrease your expenses and the second is to increase your income. Financial experts also advise the same but with a different flavour. They offer a handy way to put debts off your shoulders and an opportunity to start the life all again.

Debt management plan is the most talked about financial term among the debt stressed Britons. These plans constitute expert debt advice, negotiations with the lenders and a loan to consolidate the entire debt burden of the person. Through consolidation process, you can pay off all your debts and immediately get relieved of old burdensome debts. After you have paid debts through the loan, you are supposed to make the repayment of the new loan in easy monthly instalment. All your financial transaction is now with one new lender. Thus, there is no need of making payments to many creditors.

To pay off large debts, you are advised to opt for secured debt consolidation loan plans. This loan comes against your home. The biggest advantage you get from this loan is the lower interest rate. Lower rate ensures reducing monthly payments towards the loan instalments. Here, you can also choose to repay the loan in larger duration of say 30 years if you want to save more money per month for other purposes. The loan amount solely depends on the value of property pledged as security.

Debt Management Plan offer you a unique opportunity to improve your credit score. Payment history makes up a large part of your credit score. If you have several loan accounts, the outstanding amount will have a significant negative effect on your score. Debt management expert always advise you to clear your outstanding as soon as possible.