Debts Soaring High

by : Bernard John

Though no lender actually wants his debtor to go bankrupt, borrowers seem to take it as rescue from soaring debts.

The number of Brits who have claimed insolvency has reached a record peak of over one hundred thousand. It is assumed that at least thirty thousand people will claim insolvency from now until the end of January and early February'2007. So far from slowing down, if anything the amount of people claiming insolvency is set to rise.

This rise in the insolvencies is because of credit to defaults, especially on unsecured loans. Borrowers take these loans for granted thinking that since the lender has nothing to repossess in case of non-repayment. But, they forget that the lenders can actually move to the court, sue the borrowers and have a CCJ (County Court Judgment) registered against them. This will definitely invite for adverse repercussions as once a CCJ is registered against you, you will find it extremely difficult to avail loans further. This is because many all FISA regulated lending institutions take the help of credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax to judge the credit worthiness of the borrower. And these credit reference agencies refer the county register to see if the borrower has any bankruptcy or CCJ registered against him.

So, unsecured loans should be repaid regularly to avoid such situations like bankruptcy and CCJs. Just to have a glimpse of bad credit situation prevailing in the UK loan market ponder over this fact that in 2006, the number of people claiming insolvency went up by one hundred percent and only forty-five thousand people claimed it in 2005.

By: bernard john