How To Find And Hire A Private Investigator

by : buckleyc

The most important thing when you hire a private investigator is to verify that she or he has the licence to provide this kind of service. You certainly don't want an amateur to provide services to you. Virtually every private investigator takes a test before officially claiming that title, whether they be from the US, Canada, or from other countries. They are all investigated about their character and their background and many of the candidates don't pass the "background checks" required to become a private investigator.

Let's take an example in New York for instance, to become a private investigator with a full license, your obliged to not have commited any sort of criminal acts, the individual must have a clean criminal record and must have worked for at least 3 years in law enforcement or to have some investigative experience and be able to prove it.

In the majority of cases a person that offers any kind of investigative services without a licence is going to be caught and put forward and reprimanded (with possible criminal charges), so when you hire a private investigator be sure that you hire a specialist in the field not any low-life creep that may put in danger your secrets or financial status because he dreamt of becoming a PI and not have qualified for it (didn't obtained the licence).

The field of the activities of the Private Investigator is determined by a written book where these specific activities are detailed and mastered. For instance if you hire a private investigator to find out if your wife is cheating you, this person must have obtained the licence of his state to make investigations. If you want to retrieve some stolen or missing objects the respective PI must have licence for this kind of work.

How to verify a private investigator

When you hire a private investigator, you want to verify their licence, you do that by asking for their licence number and call the Licence Authority. You will find out if he is licenced or not, and can also find out the day that his licence expires and the details around it. Make sure you also ask if they have had any complaints against them previously from other clients, and if they have, think twice about employing them.

Simply remember when you contract this sort of job be very careful whom you choose, not to hire a private investigator without a licence. Regarding the fees, private investigators charge you for an hourly basis... you'll have to foot the bill for their transportation fee, telephone, gasoline, and anything else the feel necessary to add to the cost associated with your job. Some of them work for a specific amount of money (under contract) that they consider to be enough to pay themselves sufficiently. If possible, the latter is the better option, because you are 100% sure as to the total cost of the PIs services.

It all boils down to making sure you hire the right person, for the right job.