Investment in Education- Key for Software Outsourcing

by : meegwell

India's predominant position in Software Outsourcing industry can be partly attributed to the 210 year old colonization by the British. Giants of IT industry give this as the main reason why a number of Indians can use English language much better than people from any other non English speaking country. That is the reason why Indians are able to work very well with the Western countries. India offers a good control over the quality of the software engineering and support to the companies that outsource to India. India based outsourcing work drives many banking systems, airlines and insurance companies, thus creating a mutually beneficial association.

Our software outsourcing companies are organically linked to the health of many American companies and thus, its very economy. Almost 65 percent of America's outsourcing work was to India during the last year. The westerners will continue to depend on India, mainly because Indian Outsourcing companies deliver the right quality at the right price and as per clients specifications.

Many Large software exporters operate out of India and have staff trained in American accent and culture, delivering results to companies based in more than 40 countries. India is thus supporting the success of emerging companies in the eastern markets with their quality Software and IT engineering support in the outsourcing business.

Software Outsourcing centers

One key player in this industry is the Indian software giant, Tata Consultancy Services. They maintain huge software outsourcing centers across the length and breadth of the country. TCS also operates highly technological centres in Uruguay, Hungary and China,thus managing to over come the time contraint of operating in a single time zone. This gives them the unbeatable advantage of giving 24X7 customer support to any outsourcing company any where in the world. The joint venture of Chinese government with Microsoft is another step in opening up a huge potential for outsourcing industry and it could boost the waning fortunes in the American market as predicted by some industry experts.

India has innovatively turned the challenge of excess population into the strength of human capital edge by utilising such manpower in the outsourcing industry to its advantage. To sustain this sort of momentum in the outsourcing industry, the top IT giants in India are making heavy investments in education, giving scholarships to the deserving students, sponsoring special projects and contributing huge R & D grants. They are also helping in constant updation of curriculum in the colleges and universities to suit the fast paced developments in the outsourcing industry.