Some Tips On Choosing A Great Retirement Gift

by : teahupoo

It is not uncommon to discuss with our friends, family and coworkers, how much we look forward to retiring. We envision spending our remaining years in pursuit of traveling or engaging in hobbies that we don't have time for while we are working hard at our careers. When that day finally comes for a person, it can bring about a lot of mixed emotions.

On one hand they may be happy to finally be free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, accountable to only themselves. On the other hand they may actually feel sadness, as the job that they've had for so long was a very big part of their lives and the people they worked with have become more like family than just coworkers. They may also feel at odds about the future, not knowing what they will do with their new found freedom, despite all of the dreams that they talked about. That's why it's important to choose a retirement gift that has them specifically in mind.

When choosing a retirement gift for someone, take time to really think about that person, their personality types and their interests. These gifts should also represent the field that they worked in or the type of life style that they are changing too. It is best if the gift can represent both of these things.

A person, who is humorous and goes out of their way to make other people laugh, would probably appreciate a gift in the same vein. Get something that they can always keep with them, that brings a smile to their face, like a book of jokes that has a personal note from you inscribed on the inside cover.

If the person has a particular hobby that they enjoy, a lifetime subscription to a magazine that represents that hobby will also be appreciated. Another gift that you can give is an autograph book that the person's coworkers can write good luck messages in, so that the retiree can pull it out and look at it if they miss their job and the people that they worked with. Often plaques and the much joked about gold plated watch will be given. These are nice gestures, but will be even more appreciated if they are customized for the retiree. For example, a plaque can have the person's picture on it, as well as the inscription of gratitude for their years of service.

Instead of a regular watch, there are many pocket watches available that may represent the retiree's trade or hobbies. If the person was a railroad worker, there are watches available that depict trains. The same is applicable for fishermen, golfers, etc...

Whatever type of gift you decide to give, make it one that the retiree will appreciate for years to come.