Ars National Services

by : Chane Steiner

ARS National Services is a large collection agency with a home base in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They host 5 different call centers across the United States and employ over 650 staff members. Their company profile promises interested career candidates an enthusiastic environment that thoroughly encourages teamwork and individualism. They also offer attractive rewards and incentives for excellent personal performance. In addition, ARS National Services claims to offer competitive salaries and adequate benefit packages.

Address and Contact Information:

The postal address for ARS Nation Services is 10801 6th Street in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The zip code is 91730. You can make telephone contact with ARS by calling (909) 987 2700. Their official website is:

ARS National Services in the News:

There was a statewide class action lawsuit files against ARS National Services in California. It was filed for thousands of Californians who received letters from ARS declaring that bad credit report marks would be stricken if the receivers agreed to pay a lessened amount immediately. The case stated that this was a direct violation of the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act because of the urgency insinuated.

In reality, any collection agency always has the liberty to settle debts that they have purchased as a third party for reduced rates. The consumers in the lawsuit state that ARS was deceptive in that the letters made them believe that they were severely limited as to possible reaction time. They claim that made them less able to effectively dispute any credit report issues (debts) that could be erroneous. Further, the letters were of a templated format, having been mailed to literally thousands of people simultaneously.

There are also quite a lot of negative reviews addressed at ARS National Services collection agency on the Internet. There are absolutely no positive reviews that jump off of the screen at you either. Of course, the very nature of the collection business insults people easily. Companies like ARS buy people's delinquent debts and then pursue them with undue vigor to regain their purchase prices with added profit. Although shady by nature, the US government still allows these practices to occur, but that's certainly not the worst that they do.

ARS National Services collection agency, like all others, is a company that is geared towards profit generation. The difference with collection agencies is that, all too often, basic human respect gets thrown out of the nearest window by debt collectors that are paid based solely on their ability to collect, not their methodology.