Does This Sound Weird?

by : Justin & Rachel

I know someone who once decided to replace all of the old windows in a house that itself was over 100 years old. He took out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) in order to finance the window replacement, and a contractor arrived on a Saturday to complete the job.

Does that sound strange to you? Of course not! When we need something today, especially a home remodel, we usually will borrow the money against our home, or pay for it with a credit card. That's normal.

Of course, that's not exactly how the story goes. See, this person is actually my grandfather. And instead of borrowing the money to replace the windows over the weekend, he saved enough money to replace 2 windows. When he had that, he called his contractor and had the work done. A few months later he had more money set aside and had a few more replaced.

Over the course of almost 1 year, my grandfather systematically saved money and paid cash for the work he needed to have done. Now, does that sound weird? Of course it does! You never hear about anyone in our culture doing anything that crazy.

But let me also ask you... how many millionaires do you know?

If you really want to become a millionaire, it is time you started to find out what millionaires do, and go about doing it. My grandfather has never financed a single purchase in his entire life. If he does not have cash, he can't afford it, and thus does not buy it.

"I can keep up with the Jones'... it's the payments I can't keep up with."

- Lawrence Losinski (my grandfather)