American Express Helping Small Businesses

by : Shahid Khan

If you are tired of the regular 9-5 job and frustrated by your thankless boss even though you are putting in more than you are being paid for, it is time you decided to set up your own business. It is better to put your skills to work for yourself and reap the benefits rather than have to share them with your employers - If you are the enterprising type that is. Starting your own business can be a big step towards financial freedom. You can also enjoy the absolute bliss of being your own boss too. However, many people shy away from the idea of having their own business because of the financial uncertainty they experience. After all a regular job does guarantee a regular salary on payday, or does it? You will only keep your job if you are productive, and if you are productive you can also run your own business.

When you start your own business you will need capital and some accounting help. Instead of running to the bank for a loan or delving into your savings it is best to use your American Express card for your purchases and accounting. An American Express Credit Card is ready cash and there are no hassles or time consuming formalities like there are when you apply for a loan. If you already have an American Express Credit Card just log on to and get a crash course on how to go about setting up and running your business. If you don't have an American Express card then log on to (make this a button so that when somenone clicks on it, it takes them directly to the application page with our affiliate id in it. However, we do need to hide the affiliate information)

American Express Credit Cards assist you through a lot of difficulties and troubles you are likely to face when you start out on your new venture. If you make good use of your American Express Credit Card, and the various tools especially designed to assist entrepreneurs in their start-up venture, American Express Credit Cards are the best accounting instruments available. One of the greatest problems small businesses face is the tedious task of detailed accounting of their transactions. Needless to say financial reports of any business must be immaculate and ready to be presented at the drop of a hat. In small businesses owners assume various roles and are very often under a lot of pressure, and this is when they can make mistakes in their accounting.

American Express Credit Cards offer you a way to ease this tension and minimize errors. Whenever you use your American Express Card for a transaction it is automatically represented in a monthly statement. This enables you to easily update your books using the all-inclusive statement of your credit card showing all of the transaction details. A thorough account of all purchases can be maintained using an American Express Credit card, and you can also use your card to make payments. You can also receive payments from any part of the globe through the online card-to-card transfer facility available through American Express Credit Cards. In this way you can maintain a complete record of your business transactions by making payments and receiving payments to your card account.

Apart from this American Express comes out with special offers from time to time such as cash back and rewards that can immensely benefit your small business. In short an American Express credit card is "ready cash" and a 24/7 accountant for you.