Frequent Flyer? Jet Blue From American Express

by : Richard Gilliland

American Express Card Company, founded in 1850, is one of the oldest and most reputed financial services' firms in the world, having justly earned a reputation for unmatched customer service and benefits to their holders.

Amex has added a new feather to its cap in the form of a new financial product - the Jet Blue Card. The Jet Blue card is a joint venture of Jet Blue Airlines and American Express and is designed for frequent travelers on JetBlue Airlines. However, the Jet Blue from American Express also offers better facilities to other classes of spenders. You can buy with more confidence, spend more and earn more benefits; only, you have to have a good credit.

Rewards System

You literally earn one point (equal to one award dollar) for every dollar you spend. On your first purchase, you will earn a bonus of $ 5000 or 25 trueBlue points. Earn double points for spending on entertainment, leisure, travel and dining. Again, for every dollar spent on JetBlue flights, you will get one award dollar.

For every $200 awards dollar earned, you will get what is called a trueBlue point and for every 100-trueBlue points, you will get 1 award-flight. In Mathematical calculation, this interprets as - 200 real dollars gets you 1 trueBlue point and 20000 real dollars gets you a free flight.

Points are redeemable from some of the best-known 50 shopping and entertainment centers. Points have no expiry dates and there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

Key Features

No pre-set spending limits
On-line fraud protection guarantee
Annual fee is $ 40 and additional cards linked to the account are fee-free
APR is a low 3.99% for the introductory 6-month period, but the usual higher rate kicks in after the expiry of the period.


As said, the Jet Blue from American Express is especially meant for those who fly on JetBlue Airlines more than often. The awards dollars never expire, but points and rewards expire after 1 year and so you must fly JetBlue at least once in a year. If you earn under the number of points you need within a year, you could lose all the points and earn no rewards.

Those who make large purchases and carry balances will be in for trouble, because after the introductory 6-month period, one is accosted with a high APR and this means huge finance charges.

You can get a Jet Blue card from American Express right away if you are capable of making full payment during the 6-month introductory period. You will succeed in taking advantage of the reward program and experience great enjoyment in traveling, shopping and other forms of entertainment.