One From American Express - for the Spender Who Loves to Save

by : Richard Gilliland

American Express introduced One, a great card for consumers afflicted with a common American-tendency - impulse buying. One from American Express is an exceptional option for the meticulous Americans who wish to save a little money into their kitty for their future. One generates a high-yield savings account for their cardholder that lets even the most reckless spender save money.

You can do what you like with your money, save it or use it. What you can do before you select a credit card and apply for it is view the details of the program. Similarly, you can judge the features of One with your distinction.

Savings Accelerator Plan

One from America Express has been designed specifically for consumers with good or excellent credit, and who yearn to take advantage of One's exclusive Savings Accelerator Plan.

On making a purchase with One's credit card, the Savings Accelerator SM Plan contributes cash rebates of 1% on all eligible purchases into an FDIC-insured high-yield Savings Account (your own account) with a special rate of 5% APY (a variable rate).

So, using Savings Accelerator of One, 1% of virtually all your expenses get deposited into that account where it earns an annual percentage yield of 4.25% (the rate is variable).

Additionally, if you are planning to use One at participation retailers and merchants and decide on paying in full each month, you will benefit most with One's Saving Accelerator Program.

How To Start With ONE From American Express?

To get started with One from American Express, an additional $50 is deposited into your One savings account after you make the first purchase. The cash back rebate program is undoubtedly the most attractive feature of One from American Express.

The annual fee of $35 is not applicable for the first year that you hold the card. Essentially, you will have no introductory period and the APR for all purchases is reasonable for this reward card.

Unique Features

One from American Express has some unique advantages, which is why it is a unanimous choice of many (especially among those who do not require frequent flyer miles or discounts on hotel-stays. To know more about One's features check below:

?One of the great savings features of One is the interest protection. Unlike many other credit cards, it will not be obligatory for you to pay interest on purchases made with One from American Express as long as you carry a balance.

?You can pay your bill over a length of time or settle in full at the end of the month, and yet not incur interests on your new purchases. You are free to carry a balance for last month's vacation and you can even avoid paying interest on week's groceries.

Flexible Features

ONE from American Express is quite flexible for its cardholders, look for yourself:

?With One, you can enjoy the facilities of no pre-set spending limit on the card, and no interest on new purchases, even if they carry a balance on the card. All these purchases are approved on the basis of cardholder's credit rating.

?Your account would need no maintenance fees, or minimum balance, and also you will have no penalties for withdrawals.

Online Management Tools

You can use features like Spend Tracking Alert to keep a check on your monthly spending amount and set up email or text-message reminders to alert to remind you that you have reached that amount. Moreover, you are allowed to view Card and bank account information, check which new purchases are protected from interest charges, current APY, track recent account activity, bank balance, recent contributions, view statement, link the accounts and transfer or add funds.

Card One from American Express offers an overall distinct way to save for your future.