Blue Sky From American Express - More Savings Less Constraints

by : Richard Gilliland

American Express is fÃ?ted around the world for its credit card and traveler's check businesses as also for its charge cards. Blue Sky from American Express is the ideal card for you globetrotters who are ready to pay balances in full, each month.

The Blue Sky from American Express card takes flexibility to new heights. It is a great card for those of you in possession of good credit and willing to take advantage of the substantial travel benefits.

You must have heard of Reward Credit Cards through which you can earn points for free airline travel or merchandise. Well, Blue Sky extends the rewards beyond free airline travel to utilize points for other types of travel related expenses such as hotels, cruise line tickets and even rental cars.

Special Benefits

There are a number of exclusive features, which you would find only in BLUE Sky. Take a look at the special attributes of BLUE Sky:

?Whenever you spend a dollar with the card, you will earn a point towards airlines, hotels, cruises and car rentals. So you have unlimited miles and points to earn, and there is no expiration date on them. This points program is fee-free.

?You will not be charged for any additional cards, so almost all the benefits of the card can be shared along with your family.

?Blue Sky credit card is one of its kind, as it offers you an opportunity to realize savings on any flight, hotel or rental car at any time, without restrictions on dates or seat.

?You have the choice for shopping around for your travel deals. If you are comfortable with the price, make a booking and pay through your Blue Sky credit card. You'll get your Blue Sky savings.

?Pick your spot and date of choice. Whether it is a weekend's holiday or a peak season, it does not matter at all. You can make your plans according to your convenience and save on hotel stays, airline tickets, cars rent, and cruises.

?You will enjoy a lot of liberty and flexibility with Blue Sky as purchases can be paid in full or over time.

(*All these exclude the normal blackout dates that are typical.)

Fundamentals Of Blue Sky

Blue Sky proffers a reasonable interest rate for purchases and requires no annual fee. You have the convenience of a 0% introductory rate for purchases, which goes up to a competitive rate after six months.

The low introductory rate of 4.99% rate for balance transfers (remains valid until you pay off the loan) is another advantage you would definitely like. Keep in mind that the introductory rate for balance transfers will only be applicable, if you initiate a transfer while applying online for the card.

Your savings will start at $100 for just 7500 points. You can keep track of savings, which will show up as credit on your Blue Sky billing statement.

Additional Package

The added reward packages that accompany the Blue Sky from American Express credit card are:

?Travel accident insurance of up to $100,000, emergency card replacement, car rental loss and damage insurance, and a global assist hotline

?An assured reservation service, which will ensure that your room will be ready albeit you show up at your hotel late.

?The additional auto rental insurance-online financial statement at year-end and a unique service Return Protection (you are credited upto $300 for purchases and these are non-refundable within 90 days).

Blue Sky from American Express is a credit card designed to pamper you with unlimited travel choices without any restriction.