Save Easily With Blue Sky From American Express

by : Richard Gilliland

People know American Express for its credit cards. However, it is not here that the story ends, for American Express is also into traveler's check and charge cards businesses too. BLUE Sky from American Express is an addition to their extensive list of cards. It is by far the best credit card for frequent international travelers, who are capable of clearing full balance payments monthly.

You can give full credit to BLUE Sky from American Express cards in matters of flexibility in making payments. All you need is a good credit and then you can take full advantage of its significant travel reimbursement facilities.

Blue Sky from American Express Benefits

?Blue Sky credit cards offer you an opportunity to save cash on flights, hotels and car rentals at any point of time and that without any travel restrictions and blackout dates.

?Your liberty and flexibility will know no bounds with Blue Sky credit cards as you can pay for your purchases in full at a time or in convenient installments overtime.

?With BLUE Sky from American Express credit cards, you can gain unrestrained points and miles. The points program is never a fiscal burden for you

?When and where do you want to go? This is important. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are going for a weekend's holiday or a peak season vacation, you can always make plans according to your expediency and save cash on several items.

?You do not have to pay an extra charge on additional cards. Thus, the benefits offered by the car can be shared by both you and your family

?Do you want to shop around and compare several travel deals? Decide on the cost and pay with your Blue Sky credit card. Do not worry; you will definitely receive your Blue Sky savings.

Fundamentals of BLUE Sky from American Express

If you hold a Blue Sky credit card, you have to pay an affordable rate of interest for purchases and there is no need for you to pay any annual fee. You will even enjoy the convenience of a zero percent introductory APR for the initial six months.

A low introductory rate of 4.99 % rate in case of balance transfer is the other advantage you can enjoy, provided you plan to commence a transfer while applying online for the credit card.

Savings starts at $100 for just 7500 points, which further builds up gradually. You can follow the rate of your savings, which is generally displayed as credit on your Blue Sky billing statement.

Additional Packages Available With BLUE Sky From American Express

?A guaranteed reservation service - this is to make sure that you will always be provided with rooms even if your arrival in the hotel is delayed for some reason

?You also get an additional auto rental insurance online financial statement at the end of the year along with a unique service-Return Protection (accordingly you get an amount of $300 for purchases and these cannot be refunded within a time period of ninety days)

?The other facilities you receive include accident insurance of up to $100,000, emergency card replacement, car rental loss and damage insurance and an international help online.

In short, you can say that BLUE Sky from American Express is a credit card, which has been exclusively designed to indulge you with boundless travel specifications without any restraint.