Blue From American Express - Adapted to your Needs

by : Richard Gilliland

Blue from American Express has resurrected the potential of credit cards in the world of financial services. It has matured steadily to become one of the most popular cards used by young adults for all their necessities. You too can make use of it for paying for little things you buy every day.

American Express' Blue is a good basic card if you are one of those - keen on a reward program and are in search of good rates. Blue can be your ultimate credit card provided you have an established credit history.

Blue's Fee-Free Rewards Program

Going straight to the enticing reward program of Blue from American Express, you will have the following benefits:

?Blue's rewards are fee-free and you will be able to access the rewards program without any additional fee.

?Just by using your card at the places you would like to shop, Blue's fee-free Rewards Program earns you points on irresistible retail, travel and entertainment. Virtually for every dollar you charge with Blue, you gain a point for your money.

?The rewards program by Blue is undoubtedly one of the best programs offered in the credit card industry, as it gives you an assortment of rewards, devoid of yearly limit or expiration policy for your earned points.

Attractive Features

As with most of the American Express cards, Blue has some substantial features, which you would prefer to be acquainted with; these are:

?Blue has no frills usually accompanying other cards. It carries no annual fee. Additionally, it has an extremely competitive introductory APR of 0% for upto 15 months and you always have the option of paying in full or over time.

?As you qualify for the lowest rate offered by the program, you can enjoy the concessions and other add-ons available with American Express cards. (For those of you who qualify, Blue provides a great opportunity to go for large purchases, which will involve an extended period for paying it off. Now if you have not planned for large purchases, the long introductory rate makes it rather simpler to carry a balance while paying off other cards.)

?The card essentially serves those of you who are frequent travelers, as your earned points can be combined with various frequent flyer accounts.


BLUE from American Express has a lot of additional benefits to deliver; to find out, just go through the list below:

?ExpressPay For A Comfortable Ride At The Register - Blue's ExpressPay is a payment technology with which you can make purchases even without swiping your card.

?Fraud Protection Guarantee - Blue covers your charges with Fraud Protection Guarantee. Even if you use the Blue credit card offline or online, you will never be held guilty for any unauthorized charges. You can always continue your shopping spree with confidence.

?Return Protection - Suppose you want to return a specific item within 90 days from your date of purchase and the merchant does not take it back, the full amount will be refunded by American Express. You will get back nearly the full purchase price, up to $300 per item, apart from shipping and handling charges and annually upto a maximum of $1,000 per Card account.

?Online Year End Summary - It will help you retrieve summary of all charges at the end of the year. You are also allowed to access the important information round the clock, for whole week. This is essential for preparing your taxes and budgeting.

With Blue from American Express, you will also enjoy the advantages of purchase protection, buyer protection and extended warranties. Apart from these, if you are a traveler you would obviously prefer the emergency card replacement, car rental damage insurance, travel accident insurance and assured hotel reservations.