Details Of The Eufora Prepaid Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

If you are looking for a credit card when your credit score is less than perfect or if you have had no credit history at all, the Eufora Prepaid MasterCard was designed with you in mind. The Eufora Prepaid MasterCard is offered by BANKFIRST and not only does it give you a way to build, or rebuild, your credit, but it also give you the chance to earn income when you make referrals.

For the Eufora Elite Credit Builder Prepaid MasterCard, any time you refer a new applicant, you will receive $90 per year if that person is approved and keeps their membership in good standing! The annual fee for this card is $99.95 per year, but with the income opportunity you may be able to pay that fee easily with the referral earnings.

Some great benefits of this card are that it offers purchase protection, auto rental insurance and up to $200,000 in travel accident insurance! Another unique perk of the card is the chance to win a new car each month! For every $100 spent on the card, the cardholder will receive an entry in the car drawing, which features 30 different vehicles.

The minimum amount you can deposit into the Eufora Prepaid MasterCard is $5 and the maximum is $5,000. If you wish to have an additional card on the account, a fee of $9.95 is applied. There are also other various fees when you use this card for other services, like ATM withdrawals and "Credit Builder", and in certain situations, like when you are over your limit or inactive.

So, when you are looking for a stored value credit card, you may benefit greatly from what the Eufora Prepaid MasterCard has to offer. With guaranteed approval, no monthly participation and application fees, the opportunity to earn income for referrals and the ease of direct deposit into your account, this card can be a great way to improve your credit.