Reviewing the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card

by : Scott Stadler

Choosing a student credit card is often a burdensome process. After all, many times the offers and terms just aren't all that good for those just beginning their credit history. But the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card takes much of the guess work out of the process.

What Are the Perks for This Credit Card?

First and foremost, having a student credit card is quite helpful for college students, eliminating the need run to the cash machine all the time to withdraw funds for going out, shopping, grabbing a pizza, or whatever the need is. Backed by the MasterCard brand, this Chase student card is good practically anywhere in the world.

Besides offering the simple ability to make purchases even more convenient whether shopping online or off, the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card offers a competitive rewards program. By using this card for all purchases, even when paying the balance in full at the end of every month, points towards merchandise and gift cards rack up quickly.

Also worth considering is the fact this student credit card charges no annual fee. This might not seem like a big deal, but many other student credit cards do charge a yearly fee just for the privilege of using it. Anytime the fee can be avoided, all the better, right?

Is the Interest Rate Reasonable on this Card?

For being a student credit card, the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card has a very reasonable and fair interest rate. Many of the credit cards in this category charge an extremely punitive interest rate, essentially taking advantage of college students. This one doesn't. Of course, by paying off any balance in full at the end of the month, interest charges will be avoided all together.

Already paying high interest on another credit card? If so, this Chase card boasts a six month interest free period for transferring your balance and skipping on the extra costs. This six month period is not necessarily the best in the business, but it is indeed acceptable for a student card when compared to the nine to twelve months interest free on balance transfers deal most frequently offered these days to even the most qualified customers with perfect credit.

How Does the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card Stand Up to the Competition?

Overall, the Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card runs right along with the pack when it comes to the choices of student credit cards available today. The rewards exceed many of the others and the annual fee is nonexistent, so that ranks well too. The interest rate is fair for the territory. A grace period of twenty days could be a bit longer, but use the card responsibly and keep up with paying the bills on time and that shouldn't cause any problems.

So, What's the Overall Recommendation for This Credit Card?

The Chase Student Flexible Rewards Card is definitely worthy of recommendation. For the average college student, it's a very viable choice.