Help Grant Wishes With the Make-a-wish Platinum Visa Card

by : Mindy Matter

It's actually quite rare in our society that we have the time or resources to truly make a difference, but with the Make-A-Wish Platinum Visa Card, you can change a child's life every time you buy groceries or fill your car with gas.

The Make-A-Wish foundation was created in 1980 to grant the wishes of children who have life-threatening medical conditions. Since that time, more than 144,000 children worldwide have been helped by this amazing organization, and with 25,000 volunteers standing ready, all that's needed is your support to "share the power of a wish."

Each time you buy anything with your Make-A-Wish Platinum Visa Card, a percentage of that purchase is donated to the foundation that helps so many children. This card makes it quite attractive to make purchases, too. There is no annual fee, and there are no fees for balance transfers. For the first six months that you own the card, you'll pay just a 1.9% APR on both your purchases and your balance transfers. Even after your grace period expires, you'll still experience a great rate of 16.24% on all purchases and balance transfers. Even the rate on cash advances is quite nice. At just 1.9% for the first six months and 16.24% for the remainder of the time you own your card, there's little reason not to take advantage of the cash advance service should you need to do so. There is no annual fee, and you have a twenty day grace period on all purchases.

Because this card is a Platinum Visa Card, you'll also experience the benefits associated with being a Platinum card holder. That means that services like Purchase Guard, Purchase Replacement, and Total Security Protection are just a standard part of this package. Other services like online banking service as well as travel and emergency assistance come as part of the benefits being a Platinum Visa Card holder offers you. Finally, you can get additional cards and convenience checks at no charge to you.

This card is issued by Bank of America, a leader in the banking industry today. That means that you'll get great access to your account online as well as fantastic service should you ever lose your card or experience a problem with your account. If you're ready to make a child's wishes come true, but you just don't know where to start, try the Make-A-Wish Platinum Visa Card.