Road Trip With Discover Open Road Card for Students

by : Mindy Matter

Looking for the perfect student credit card? Consider hitting the road, the open road that is with the Discover Open Road card designed for students like you. Students have unique credit card needs, and Discover meets those needs with lots of great options.

You'll pay no interest on your purchases for the first six months with this card. That means all of those essential supplies to set up your dorm room or apartment will come interest free until at least Christmas break. After the six month introductory period, you'll pay only 16.99% in interest on your everyday purchases. Your cash advance interest rate is only 20.99%. You don't have to worry if you need to stop at an ATM or two on the road trip home.

Discover cards are famous for the great cash back bonus programs, and this card is no exception to that rule. Because it's designed for busy students on the road, expect a five percent cash back bonus on nearly anything you buy for your car from oil changes to the gas in your tank to get home. You even get a one percent cash back bonus on the things you use your card for every day. Whether you just need that late night pizza, or you have to buy an extra workbook for a class, this card will reward you for using it.

Unlike some of those other cards out there, there's no annual fee on this one. If you miss a payment, you don't have to worry about exorbitant late fees the way you might with some other cards. For a balance of $500 or less, you'll pay just $15. The same is true if you exceed your credit limit. If you only have a balance of $500, you'll just pay a $15 fee and move on with your life. This card takes the worry out of credit.

What's more is that since identity theft statistics are increasing on college campuses everywhere, Discover offers a $0 fraud liability guarantee. In other words, if that weird guy down the hall does steal your card, you're not responsible for any of his purchases.

You can manage your account online with this card, which is essential for a busy college student like you. A student credit card is a great way to build the credit history you'll need when you graduate, and if you're looking for the perfect student card, the Discover Open Road card for students is a great idea.