Know Your Childs Spending Habit

by : cynthiastewart

The numerous demands of kids spread over the entire year rise dramatically during festivals and their special occasions. The allowance given to the kids for these things is sufficient sometimes, and there are times when they simply blow it away on other things and stare right in your eyes asking for more.

Wouldn't it be great if you knew how they spent the money by tracking their allowances? Give them their money on their Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® and know exactly their spending habits. Now, parents can take the concept of an allowance into the 21st century with the New Allow Card.

Designed for Students of all ages, the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® helps them use their allowance to make purchases at school, area malls, and local businesses - wherever MasterCard® debit cards are accepted. Since the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid card the kids can't spend more than the amount loaded on prepaid card.

No, more worrying fees, the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® doesn't charge any overdraft fees, interest rates, late fees etc. and the amount you load on the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® can be used to set the spending limits.

Of course, setting the spending limit is one of the features, but the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® gives your child the power to manage their money. More than 35 parental controls that come with the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® help you keep a tab on where your kids spend their allowance.

The kids become more financially wise as they use the interactive online tools for money and account management. The skills acquired with the ownership of the Allow card prepaid MasterCard® will help him become more responsible with his money and this will certainly help him a lot in his life.