The Chase Perfectcard

by : Richard Gilliland

The J.P. Morgan Chase is a company of repute and its services are spread all over the world. Recognizing the commoners' needs, the Morgan Chase Company has come forth with The Chase PerfectCard that enables the cardholders save significantly on their gas purchases.

The Rebate Program

The card has many advantages to its credit. If you make frequent gas purchases, then The Chase PerfectCard is the best option as it enables you great savings with rebates on purchases, especially gasoline purchases. This is indeed good news, more so in the light of the rising gasoline prices.

For the first 90 days that the card is issued to you, you can earn 6 percent rebate for gasoline purchases. After the expiry of this initial period, you will be getting 3 percent rebate on gasoline purchases. Unlike the Oil Company cards, you will be getting these price benefits (rebates) irrespective of the brands. All other purchases bring you 1% rebate.

The Basic Features Of The Card

The card promises you good savings. It also does not have any annual fee. In the first year, the card allows you a 0 percent introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases. After the expiry of the introductory period, the annual percentage rate is rises to 14.24 percent. The different types of fee like the participation fee, inactive fee, reload fee are all non-applicable. The points per dollar spent, miles per dollar spent, additional points are all non applicable.

The Chase PerfectCard will be the ideal card for you if you clear all your balance on a monthly basis. Paying fully every month, especially after the introductory rate expires, will ensure that you do not accrue huge credit card debts; defaulting with payment, on the other hand, will invite high financial charges. All the while, of course, you can make the maximum use of the card to earn rebates on your gasoline and other purchases.

The Other Benefits

Savings apart, the card also promises you host of other crucial benefits. Thus, you can take advantage of features like the purchase protection plan, up to $ 5000000 in auto rental insurance and travel accident insurance while using this card. Then there are the platinum benefits like travel and emergency assistant services.

As a cardholder, you will also be benefited by the safety and security services like lost and stolen card replacement, emergency card and cash replacement and fraud as well as security protection services.

The Chase PerfectCard also assures you different account related services and so you can keep an eye on card activities. You will get a financial statement at the end of the year and more importantly, you will have no liability for unauthorized transactions. Your purchases will be safe with purchase protection and extended warranty for purchases.

Nonetheless, it will be very essential for you to review the applicable restrictions, exclusions and limitations before proceeding with opening an account.