For Business Travels, Trust Citibusiness Premierpass Card

by : Richard Gilliland

Citibank is a trusted name in the world-banking scenario and Citibank credit cards are accepted everywhere. Supposing your business requires you to travel frequently, the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card can be a rewarding experience for you because the card awards you valuable points for making use of it. You can make use of all the points you gather for a free air travel.

Reward Program

A great rewarding card, CitiBusiness PremierPass Card adds points to your kitty for making purchases with the card. The purchases you can make are literally anything and everything - right from everyday use products and items to business equipments and even air-tickets.

After making the first purchase, you can earn 15000 bonus 'Thank-You' points that are redeemable for a $150 gift certificate. The points you gather thereafter can be redeemed for airline tickets.

The card gets you three points for spending one dollar on business equipment with the card. For spending a dollar on all the other purchases, you will earn one point. You earn points on purchase of air-tickets as well and you earn one point for every mile you fly on a trip.

The bonus points you earn are redeemable for free air-tickets, gift certificates, hotel stays, merchandise, etc. What is most remarkable is that the reward-points can be utilized for buying tickets on any airline and there are no blackout dates even. As such, you can travel wherever and whenever you like.

Card Features

The reward-program of the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card is certainly its highlight, however, the card has some extraordinary features:

?There is no annual fee for the first year and then you move on to paying $75 annually. (The initial bonus, which is redeemable for a $150 gift certificate pays for the first two years beyond your first 'no-annual' fee year).

?A reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) is applicable for all purchases. For balance transfers, you have an interest-free introductory period (9 months) and thereafter the APR becomes the same.

The personal business assistant feature enables you to look for information, find out referrals for administrative and marketing purposes and make travel arrangements. This is similar to having an employee on payroll round the clock at no extra charges.

Other Benefits

The benefits provided by the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card include travel insurance, online banking options, damage protection and theft protection. When you log into your account, you can avail of advices provided in the business articles.

The card enables you to save money on your travel and also supports you to buy the equipment for beginning a profitable business.

Like the other credit cards, the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card also offers different account related services, free and unlimited companion travel, identity theft solutions and many travel and emergency assistant services.

The card also provides auto rental insurance, emergency card and cash replacement, discounts on products and services at the participating retailers and merchants and financial statements at the end of the year or quarterly.

Other benefits include legal as well as medical referral services, lost and stolen card reporting, personal business assistant, free companion travel without any limit and many more benefits.