The Citi Premier Pass Card is the Choice of the Frequent Flyer

by : Richard Gilliland

Citibank's vast global coverage specially benefits the bank's client-base worldwide. Citibank has its operations spread over 100 countries in the world. It leads the world in credit cards and makes an unbelievable $1 trillion transactions everyday.

Keeping the frequent traveler in mind, the world-leader in credit cards has now come up with the Citi Premier Pass Card - a card for people who fly frequently, whether it is for business or for pleasure. This is not all; the card literally thanks you for using it and promises you a whole world of benefits. However, remember that a sound credit record is a pre-condition for being approved for the card.

Features Of The Card

The card comes without any annual fee. The credit card offers a free of interest introductory period for the balance transfers. After the expiration of the introductory period, the rate for balance transfers and purchases goes up to 10.99%, which is affordable for a reward card.

Rewards Program

The Citi Premier Pass Card is unique when compared to the other credit cards. The rewards program of the card is exclusive letting the cardholder obtain miles traveled on any airline and earn points on purchases.

For the frequent flyer, the Citi Premier Pass Card is ideal. The card is an airline reward card and the rewards are redeemable with multiple airlines. If you purchase any airline ticket with the card, you will earn one point for flying every three miles. (You can even earn points by purchase airline tickets for your family and friends.) With no "blackout dates" to restrict you, you are free to choose the dates and flights.

Other than the flight points, you also earn Purchase Points and Spend Points with the purchase of other goods. With every one dollar you spend on all the other purchases, a point is added to your account.

On using your card for making the first purchase, you will receive 5000 bonus points.

Redeem your points for free flights you certainly can, but you can utilize your points for buying merchandise, gift certificates, etc. You can ask the amount to be credited in your billing statement.

Unbelievingly, the points earned with the Citi Premier Pass Card never expire, thus giving you a long time to plan what you want to do with them.

Added Advantages

The card lets you view your unbilled activity and statements online and also allows you make payments to you account through the Internet. It offers you 24-hour standard customer service and top of the line security.

The Citi Premier Pass Card also provides various Internet account related services, automatic bill payments, identity theft solutions, fraud and security protection services, emergency card and cash replacement, lost luggage assistance, legal and medical referral services. You can also enjoy insurance coverage with its auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance (a maximum of $1,000,000) and many emergency and travel assistance services along with other benefits.