Enjoy your Travel With the Bank of America - Miles Edge Card

by : Richard Gilliland

The Bank of America has always been very innovative with its services. The credit cards launched by the company have been the ultimate in terms of benefits and facilities, offering the customers great interest rates and rebates, even pledging them great many rewards. Miles Edge Card from the Bank of America is one such card, especially meant for travelers.

The Bank of America - Miles Edge Card promises you excellent travel rewards worldwide. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business, you can avail the special incentives offered by the card and make your trip perfectly enjoyable and less stressful, yet save some precious bucks.

Features Of The Card

The Bank of America - Miles Edge Card is the ideal option for those who are always on the look out for earning great travel rewards worldwide. To avail these benefits, of course, you will need to have excellent credit history.

A synopsis of the card features follows:

?The credit card has a reasonably low annual fee
?The card offers you a 0% introductory rate and that rate is applicable on cash advance checks, balance transfers and purchases for the first six billing cycles.
?With the expiration of the introductory period, the rate for balance transfers and purchases will be quite low, provided that you qualify for a low-interest category.

Not the ideal card for carrying balances, you stand to lose the advantage of the low-interest rate if you are late with the payment or if you spend more than what your credit limit permits you.

The Rewards Program

As the name suggests, the Bank of America - Miles Edge Card gives you a special edge in flying miles. This comes as a great advantage for frequent flyers. The reward program lets you earn points on the qualifying purchases:

?The card enables you to earn one point for spending one dollar with the card.
?The first purchase that you make with the Miles Edge Card will help you earn 1000 bonus points.
?You can earn up to 75000 points in a year
?Your travel rewards start at only ten thousand points.

Air travel is certainly the main area for which you can redeem the points; however, you can also exchange your points for admission in theme parks, for buying brand-name merchandise and certificates to the major hotel chains and more.

Remember, you cannot use your points lifelong, as they are valid only up to 5 Years. The points expire on the last day of your Billing Cycle, which coincides with the last day of December of the fourth calendar year following the year in which you had earned them. This rule is applicable to all the rebate, point and reward programs.

The Bonus Points

The reward program is undoubtedly the highlight of the Bank of America - Miles Edge Card, but it also bestows a number of other benefits. These bonus benefits include auto rental insurance, discounts on auto rentals, up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance, etc.

You are also entitled to receiving specialized services like legal referral services, lost luggage recovery, extended warranty protection, emergency airline ticket replacement, optional personal photo on card, medical referral services, various travel and emergency assistance services and many more.

You will not be liable for unauthorized Internet transactions and can even make use of the optional Mini Card.