Airline Cards - to Own Or Not to Own?

by : Robert Alan

Everyone's needs are different depending on their various lifestyles and living patterns. Therefore choosing an airline card from the various airline cards available will depend on your choice entirely. Eventually, it's up to you as to how hard your airlines credit card will work for you. But by reading these simple tips, and asking these questions, you can definitely wedge out a few more benefits out of your airlines credit card.

What is an Airlines Credit Card Anyway?

With an airlines credit card, one can earn credits or points whenever one uses the airlines credit card. After a certain number of "points" have been accumulated from purchases made on the card, cardholders can redeem points for airline travel, just the way one might utilize frequent flyer miles.

Be sure to know how many points you need to accumulate on your airlines credit card so as to qualify for free air travel. It's also vital to know when these points will expire if not put to use within a certain amount of time. Since most of the top airlines credit card reward programs are typically quite costly for credit card companies, any airlines credit card will usually come with an annual fee and will also have higher corresponding interest rates than other credit cards.

How Do I Select the Best Airline Card?

The first step in determining which airline card to select is to know which airline you frequent the most. If you have an airline preference for most of your trips, find out if the same airline has an airline card.

Another thing to analyze would be the frequency of your flying. If you fly once every few years or so, you are least likely to benefit from an airline card. If, however, you fly often, you might want to consider owning an airline card. However, there is a catch involved in this as well. Many airline cards place restrictions on the number of points that can be earned in a year. So, if you are not able to utilize points before they expire, owning an airline card would be futile.

As we've already mentioned, any airline card will have an annual fees attached to it besides having higher corresponding interest rates than a non-airline card, so watch out for that as well.

Getting the Best Out of Airline Cards

To get the best out of your airline cards, use them carefully. For instance, take a little amount off your monthly budget each month towards paying the balance on the airline cards and make sure that you are only spending that amount. Otherwise, you are most likely to end up paying quite a tidy sum as finance charges can add up from the high interest rates typically associated with airline cards.

Another way to maximize the utility of your airline cards is to choose your purchases through the airline cards very cautiously. Quite a number of times, even though you will get points for every purchase made with the airline cards, there will be additional points for specific purchases. The beauty of airline cards lies in utilizing them for the purchases that count while using other credit cards for those that do not.