Details Of The Discover Platinum American Flag Card Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

The Discover Platinum American Flag Card may be a card you are more than just proud to carry with you. This credit card is given to individuals that have very good credit and are looking for a reward program that allows for cash back benefits. If you are interested in cash back, consider what it can do for you. The Discover card is issued by Morgan Stanley.

The Discover Platinum American Flag Card will provide you with excellent benefits in interest rates even before you get to the need for rewards. You will have 12 months time in which you have a 0% introductory offer on your purchases and balance transfers made within that time period. You will need to consider specific details of this offer. When it is over, you will have an APR at 10.99% variable for those purchases that you make and 20.99% on cash advances that you make (fixed.) Although there is no annual fee to this credit card, you do have the two cycles average daily balance method of calculations which can make it a bit more expensive in the long run if you do carry a balance.

The Rewards are a plus, though for the Discover Platinum American Flag Card. You will earn from .25% to 5% in rebates. To get the full 5%, use the card at participating retailers that work through the Cashback Bonus program. You earn just .25% at warehouses and discount stores. You can get double CashBack Bonus when you use the card at participating departments of Discover. You can redeem your rebates in $20 increments and there is no expiration date. The amount you get back depends on the amount that you spend.

The Discover Platinum American Flag Card provides for a good amount of reward in the form of cash back. You will appreciate the lower fees and the very good APR on this credit card. In addition, you are sure to find benefits in the double bonus rewards.