Details of the Citi Professional Card Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

You need to know the details of the Citi Professional Card application if you are thinking of applying for this card from CitiBank. This card comes with a 0% introductory rate for 9 months and it is designed more for people with average credit that want to manage their personal and business expenses with the same card.

This Citi Professional Card has a free rewards program that encourages you to use the card for many purchases. You can earn one point for every dollar spent on general purchases with the card and three points for purchases made at restaurants, gas stations, certain office supply merchants, and on auto rentals.

You can then redeem these points for different prizes such as merchandise, air travel, gift certificates, etc. Your points will expire in three years if you don't use them all and there is a yearly limit on points of 100,000. Some other positive features of this card is there is no annual fee and there is 0% introductory rates on balance transfers as well. You also get features such as travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance and other travel and emergency related services that often come with higher classed credit cards.

There are some other nice features to this card as well. It has an online expense reporting tools that lets you categorize your card's activity and track your purchases online. You can create as many expense reports as you want. The APR for purchases with this card is 13.99% Variable and the APR for cash advances is 22.99% Variable. There is a minimum APR cap on cash advances.

The Citi Professional Card has no minimum or maximum credit limit and a $35 over limit fee. Late payment fees are $15 on balances up to $100; $29 on balances of $100 up to $1,000 and $39 on balances of $1,000 and over. There is a 3% cash advance fee.