Details Of The Chase PerfectCard Application

by : Joshua Shapiro

The Chase PerfectCard is for those who have very good credit and make frequent gasoline purchases. Unlike other gas credit cards where you are required to make your purchases at specific gas stations, the PerfectCard allows cardholders to earn a 3% rebate on gasoline at any station of their choice. In addition, any purchases made with the card during the first 90 days will earn a 6% rebate. A maximum of $15 per month in rebates can be earned. All other purchases earn the cardholder a 1% rebate.

The introductory interest rate is 0% on both purchases and balance transfers for twelve months. After the introductory period, a rate of 13.99% variable on purchases and 23.99% variable on cash advances is charged to those who qualify. The card carries no annual fee. The card has a 3% balance transfer fee with a minimum of $5 and maximum of $75, and a cash advance fee of 3% with a minimum of $5.This card also uses the two cycle average daily balance to calculate finance charges instead of the average daily balance used by most credit card issuers.

This card is most attractive to those who plan to pay in full after the introductory rate expires in order to avoid finance charges and will frequently use the card for gasoline purchases.

The benefits that a cardholder can expect to receive from the use of the Chase PerfectCard include the following:

&bull Online access to account information

&bull Reporting of lost and stolen cards

&bull Emergency cash and card replacement

&bull No liability to the cardholder for unauthorized transactions

&bull Protection services for fraud

&bull Purchase protection

&bull Extended warranty for purchases made with the card

&bull Roadside assistance

&bull Insurance for car rental

&bull Travel accident insurance up to $500,000

&bull Financial statement at year's end

&bull Emergency assistance a travel-related services