The Lowdown on Discover Platinum Card

by : Eric Wasselman

According to credit card reviews, Discover is the third of four largest credit card providers after MasterCard and Visa. This is as Discover is widely accepted in the United States although the same cannot be said internationally. Thus, the best reasons for owning a Discover Platinum Card would be because of the high credit limit and the cashback reward program. In addition to that, this no annual fees are also applicable for the Discover Platinum Card, another attraction to consumers.

Like most cards, the APR of the Discover Platinum Card for both balance transfers and purchases remain at 0% for a year after a successful application. After this period, rates will increase: balance transfers will rise to a rate of between 16% and 29% while the APR for purchases is around the range of 11% to 18%. Cash advances are charged with an APR of 20.99%. The switch to these higher APRs will be automated if users make a late payment, even it is just for a day.

As a reminder, balance transfers from the Discover Platinum Card to other types of Discover credit cards are not allowed. As for the Cashback rewards program, the percentage of cash back really depends on the amount you spend on purchases which are charged to your credit card.

$1500 entitles you to a 0.25% cash back rebate, whilst spending more than $3000 allows you to gain 1% of the purchase value in cash. The cash will be sent by check with the minimum amount being $20. Also, this card also allows customers to acquire redemption of gift certificates from their merchant partners at double the cash-back value.

However, most card users do not find the reward program a strong enough incentive to keep the card for long as there are many other cards in the market which offer better returns. Furthermore, this card works on a two-cycle average daily balance, an attribute which is unfavorable for card holders with unpaid outstanding balances each month.