The Lowdown on the Speedway Reward Card

by : Eric Wasselman

The Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard by Chase targets consumers who reside in the Midwest region and who frequent Speedway, SuperAmerica or RichOil stores.

Rebates of 8% are credited into card holder accounts directly for all purchases made with the Speedway Reward Card at SuperAmerica stores during the first 60 days of membership. Subsequently, cardholders are also eligible for a 4% rebate on their Speedway SuperAmerica purchases and a 1% rebate on all other purchases. These rebates expire in twelve months unless they are redeemed for free gasoline. However there is no limit to the rebates that can be earned.

On the flip side, the card imposes a steep interest rate in comparison to other reward cards of a similar genre. Furthermore, finance charges are configured according to the "Two Cycles Average Daily Balance" which works out to higher charges as compared to than the "Average Daily Balance" configuration used on most cards. However, there is a six-month long interest-free introductory period for both purchases and balance transfers. Also, this credit card does not require any annual fees to be paid.

Moreover, cardholders of the Speedway Reward Card can also expect common platinum cardholder benefits offered such as travel accident insurance of up to $500,000, auto rental insurance and purchase protection plans. Members are eligible for discounts at various merchants, with the full list participating retailers listed on the Chase Manhattan website.

In conclusion, the Speedway Reward Card is ideal for residents in the Midwest who often shop at Speedway & SuperAmerica locations and who own a motor vehicle. This consumer group would stand to benefit the most from the reward program. However, those who plan not to pay off their outstanding balances should look at other offers as the finance charge and the interest rates for this card would strip away any potential benefits.