The Lowdown on the Citi PremierPass Card

by : Eric Wasselman

The Citi PremierPass Card combines the traditional points-per-dollar spent system with an airline frequent flyer program where airline miles are awarded based on distance flown. The result is a unique reward program unlike any other. Catering to people with an excellent credit rating, the card is offered in three flavors - the Citi PremierPass Card - Elite Level, the Citi PremierPass Card and the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card.

With the Citi PremierPass Card, cardholders are eligible for one Thank You Network Point per dollar spent for any and all purchases. Cardholders are also eligible for one point for every mile flown on any airline of their choice. Thank You Flight Points are earned as long as the ticket is bought with the card, regardless of who actually boards the plane.

However, if you have purchased a ticket for yourself and your family on the same flight and utilize your Citi PremierPass Card for payment, only the airline miles for your ticket will be awarded. Nonetheless, this reward program is still alluring as points earned can be redeemed for all types of gifts through Citi's Thank You Network. Also, even though Thank You Flight Points are not convertible to airline miles, they are redeemable for airline tickets, in exchange for points earned through general purchases.

However, there is a cap set at 100,000 points per year, but the points will not expire as long as cardholders charge at least one purchase every three years to the card in order to keep the account active. Apart from that, this card also offers additional perks such as no annual fees charged and a long 0% introductory rate of 12 months. APR rates are also reasonably low beyond the introductory period, although there is a minimum interest rate incurred for cash advances.

In conclusion, the Citi PremierPass Card offers a good balance of advantages and disadvantages for cardholders. While the perks look pretty attractive, it is the spending habits of the cardholder that will drive these benefits or advantages. In the end, even if the perks are attractive, but a bad-spending habit will just get you into snowballing debt no matter how low the interest rates are.