The Lowdown on the Sony Visa Card

by : Eric Wasselman

The Sony Platinum Visa Card is a credit card with a unique reward program particularly for those with good credit scores. Cardholders are entitled to earn one point for every dollar spent on general purchases and three points for purchases of Sony merchandise charged to the Sony Visa Card.

Purchases made through are entitled for a whopping eight points for every dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed for Sony CDs, DVDs, games, movie tickets, and electronics. The points expire in five years if they aren't redeemed with a 250,000 point per year limit, which is well high and reasonable. There is no point limit for purchases made through Sony's website. On top of that, cardholders are able to earn 1,500 bonus points on their first purchase.

Overall, the Sony Visa Card is a great card, with reasonable interest rates and a 0% introductory rate applicable for new purchases or balance transfers made within the first twelve months upon joining. No annual fees are charged either.

However, finance charges are calculated based on the "Two Cycles Average Daily Balance" method which is higher than the more commonly used "Average Daily Balance" calculation. This may result in higher charges, so it is advisable not to carry an outstanding balance forward when using this card. The APR for less qualifying applicants may also be higher.

On a more positive note, this credit card company provides platinum cardholders benefits of up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and various travel and emergency assistance services.

All in all, The Sony Visa Card is ideal for those who spend or plan to spend a significant sum on Sony merchandise and also those who intend to take full advantage of the online shopping experience Sony has to offer. As long as card members do not default on their outstanding balances, then they will have much to gain from using the Sony Visa Card.