The Different Types of Card Rewards Programs

by : Adam Goldman

Due to the highly competitive nature of the credit card business, there is a multitude of reward programs that accompany them, such as reward credit cards. These cards allow credit card users to accumulate reward points with purchases of merchandize such as gasoline, groceries or even flight tickets. These points can then be accumulated and used for the redemption of products, such as household items, airline miles or shopping vouchers, each for a predetermined quantity of points.

The trick to the best deals for reward credit cards really depends on the number of affiliated merchant partners for the credit card. Naturally, with more affiliated merchants, you stand a chance to be presented with a better range of products and services for redemption. Apart from that, certain reward programs are attuned towards a particular brand of products, as they double as a promotion vehicle for these brands. Nevertheless, as long as these rewards are substantial and beneficial to credit card users, there is no reason to shun or avoid cards like these.

Also, credit card users who travel a lot may acquire greater benefits from credit cards that offer rewards in the form of airline miles or gas rebates. Airline reward cards allow users to collect airline miles that can be used to redeem airline tickets to pre-selected destinations. These cards usually come with a high annual fee, thus the longer you take to accumulate points, the more you have likely spent before you even see your free ticket.

Gas reward cards are more straightforward. You are able to get rebates on the amount of gasoline purchases you pay with your credit card. The rebates usually come in percentages of between 3% and 6%. Certain cards may set limits on the amount of rebates claimable on an annual basis. With these cards, you are also entitled for rebates of 1% on general purchases at stores of gasoline stations. In conclusion, each type of reward card has something for everyone; you just have to find the one card that best fits you.